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17. Feb 14

Understanding SMB software and IT needs, or the la...

So how does one attack the SMB market in the hopes of selling software or IT services? Enterprise software and IT vendors have for years targeted the SMB market for a lot of reasons, such as potential...

13. Feb 14

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What Is The Best Way To Get The Attention Of Your ...

Getting anyone to buy anything requires a single important factor: “desire”. But before you get to desire, you have to overcome the greatest hurdle of this age: getting the attention of your prosp...

7 Elements of B2B Marketing Success in the IT Indu...

B2B marketing for the IT industry can be tricky, plenty of things to consider in terms of its services. Here are the 7 elements to succeed in IT marketing.

12. Feb 14

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Referral Based Lead Generation - Business 2 Commun...

Getting new costumers is indeed a costly affair for businesses, but not in the latter’s case wherein lead generation was done by means of generating referrals.

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Market Research - Callbox

When making tough choices with your lead generation and appointment setting campaign, do you make decisions based on solid evidence, or simply follow what your gut is telling you?

Market Research - Callbox

We replace half-truths with hard facts, and guesswork with rational evidence-based marketing. When making tough choices with your lead generation and appointment setting campaign, do you make decision...

11. Feb 14

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Meet The Demand For IT With IT Telemarketing Servi...

With the rapid advancement and growth of information technology, it is not a wonder why the demand for it is at a peak. With the things it offers such as...

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Christine Steffensen – Google+

Follow Christine Steffensen in Google Plus to get updates and tips on how to grow your business.

10. Feb 14

Supplement Your Appointment Setting Campaign With ...

Summary: IT telemarketing is an excellent way to market IT products and services. If you have an IT telemarketing campaign that does appointment setting then these ...

Sales Analysis Services

Callbox conducts Lost Sales Analysis to help you identify gaps in your sales process, and act effectively and in a timely manner to avoid further leaks in your pipeline. Lost Sales Analysis is a simpl...


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